Exploring Generic Competences of University Students

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Exploring Generic Competences of University Students

Author(s) : Shamim-ur-Rasool, Mushtaq Ahmad & Raheel Haq


In this age of vast spread of education, there is a demand from the society to higher education institutions to produce labour force with applicable knowledge for the requirements of the knowledge economy. Marketable skills are expected from university graduates round the globe.  Pakistan is lacking both in competence based higher education curriculum and a relevance of higher education with labour market. Feeling the need to fill the gap, there appeared to be an inevitable need to create awareness among university students through measuring their existing level of generic competences in a public sector university in Pakistan. For the study, a selected list of competences was adapted. Four null hypotheses were tested by applying 2-sample tests and K-sample tests. Results indicated that students were well aware of their generic competences. The only need is to document those competences and make them a part of learning outcomes.

Keywords:  Generic competencies, University students