Experiences of Christian Students in Public Schools of Lahore

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Experiences of Christian Students in Public Schools of Lahore

Author(s) : Tahira Jabeen, Faiza Tariq, Mamoona Abdul Jabbar, Mishal & Fakhar un Nisa


Despite the Constitutional provisions of fundamental rights to all its citizens, Pakistan has been, time and again, a focus of controversy at international level for discriminating against its religious minorities. This controversy seems to have basis as reflected in media reports of violent acts of discrimination against minorities. It is also documented in gray literature compiled by various rights advocacy groups. In addition, it is investigated in limited scholarly analyses of Pakistani laws, state policies and various government interventions or lack of it. This article is an attempt to make empirical contribution to the current analysis from a human and social perspective. The article is based on an original research study which explores the Christian students’ experiences in mainstream public schools in Lahore. Based on the findings of this study, it is concluded that the Christian students did experience discrimination in public schools and this discrimination is caused due to the way the state run education system is designed and implemented.

Keywords: Discrimination, Religious Minority, Public schools.