Path Analysis of Genuine Leadership and Job Life of Teachers

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Path Analysis of Genuine Leadership and Job Life of Teachers

Author(s) : Saghir Ahmad, Abid Hussain & Ayesha Batool


Genuine leaders affect the job life of followers and personnel positively. Genuine leaders motivate the employees emotionally and compel them for better job life. Healthy and positive job lives are only possible with the help of genuine leadership to perform tasks effectively. Leader is true in his own values and reflects originally him/herself as he/she is internally. The purpose of this study was to conduct path analysis of genuine leadership and job life of teachers by using smart partial least square software. Path analysis was done for the validation of instruments and determined the association between leadership and job life. Quantitative approach was employed to conduct survey study. Sample of the study was consisted of university teachers. They responded the questions regarding genuine leadership and job life on five point likert type scale. Data were collected personally and research subjects were briefed about nature of the study and necessary instructions were provided to them by researcher. Different statistical techniques were applied to analyze the relevant data by using SmartPLS software. Path analysis showed that there is strong positive relationship between genuine leadership and job life of teachers. The findings of the study indicated that instruments are valid and reliable which measured genuine leadership and job life. The outer loadings model shows the links among the latent variables and their indicators. Thus, there is need to conduct study on large sample to authenticate the results of this study.

Key words: Genuine Leadership, Job Life, Path Analysis, and SmartPLS.