Study the Impact of Video Games on Students’ Outcomes and Time Management Skills

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Study the Impact of Video Games on Students’ Outcomes and Time Management Skills

Author(s) : Mehboob Ali Dehraj & Zakir Hussain Gopang


Playing computer games has been changed out to be one of the greatest exercises on the earth. This outcome seems that the effect of computer games on learners have left very important aspect. The existing writing has linked computer game utilization as being appositively related with each of these three components. This probation, utilizing an example of the under grade learners at public schools of Sindh, the population of current study was the public secondary schools of Sindh. The sample of this study consist of public secondary schools of SBA Sindh, the tool for the research study was five points likert scale. The current research study is descriptive by method and quantitative by purpose. On the basis of analysis it was found a measurably noteworthy relationship between computer game use and academic achievements. Measurably critical connections was not search out the utilization of game  and computer time management capabilities. It is necessary that learners know the effect of utilization of computer game left significant positive impact on their academic teaching learning process. This research study can fill the gap for establishment of future researches that would have a positive role on the learners that the computer game playing fulfills an important aspect on learner execution of modern knowledge through E-Learning.

Keywords: Video games, students’ outcomes, time management.