Trends in Self Directed Learning: Constraints and Opportunities

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Trends in Self Directed Learning: Constraints and Opportunities

Author(s) : Sadia Naz & Muhammad Athar Hussain


Self-Directed Learning is the emerging trend in education. This study was based on the meta-analysis of self-directed learning. The purpose of the meta-analysis was to study the trends in recent years and to devise a tool for meta-analysis systematic review. Five years (2013-2018) were taken as sample period for the study. Analysis was made regarding effectiveness of the SDL, factors that contribute in adopting self directed approaches for development of learning domains and finally, the use of ICT as self-directed learning approaches. A largenumber of articles were available during this time period. Three dimension of SDL were focused. The variables were the SDL effectiveness, factors contributing to SDL and the use of ICT in self directed learning. PRISMA technique was utilized for this meta-analysis. In this study each aspect was reviewed using critical lenses on the basis of eight articles. The focus was on the title, objectives, methodology, variablesand its findings and recommendations. The study revealed that in last five years the research on self directed learning focused on the use of ICT and factors contributing self directed learning. Merging of self-directed learning techniques helps to improve the efficiency of learning in digital era.

Key Word: Self Directed Learning, ICT, Effectiveness, Meta-analysis.