Effect of Head Teacher’s Effectiveness on School Performance at Secondary School Level

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Effect of Head Teacher’s Effectiveness on School Performance at Secondary School Level

Author(s) : Muhammad Irfan Malik & Muhammad Akram


This study was designed to measure the effect of head teacher’s effectiveness score on school performance. Head teacher effectiveness is a process of measuring actions or behaviors based on quality performance standards of effective head teacher. School performance is the extent to which school personnel have achieved their short and long term educational goals. Using the multistage sampling technique, 1026 secondary school teachers were surveyed in Sahiwal Division who evaluated the effectiveness of their head teachers through Head Teacher Effectiveness Questionnaire (HTEQ) developed by the researchers based on quality performance standards. The HTEQ which included five factors—Instructional Leadership, School Climate, Teacher Evaluation, Organizational Management, and Communication and Community Relations—demonstrated high level of overall reliability (α=0.88) with factor-wise reliability range from 0.77 to 0.85. School performance data were collected through monthly visit reports of Monitoring and Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) on factors such as Teacher Presence, Student Presence, Functioning of Facilities, School Cleanliness; and Student Achievement scores were collected from respective schools. The study found moderate positive relationship between head teacher’s effectiveness scores and school performance (r=.59). The findings of the study revealed that head teacher’s effectiveness significantly combined to predict school performance, explaining 36% of the observed variance in school performance. The study provided initial evidence of the validity of the HTEQ. The limitations and recommendations have also been suggested in the study. 

Keywords: Head teacher’s effectiveness; instructional leadership; school climate; teacher evaluation; organizational management; communication and community relations; school performance