Ascertaining the Upshot of Supervision and Visit Report on Teachers’ Efficiency

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Ascertaining the Upshot of Supervision and Visit Report on Teachers’ Efficiency

Author(s) : Muhammad Ramzan & Anfa Tabassum


Supervision is akin to the process of meta-evaluation for the improvement of educational process and it is also used to monitor teachers’ performance in public schools. As figure of public schools is increasing day by day, it is evident that multiple approaches such as mentoring, inspection, supervision and monitoring are being employed by administration to handle the problems of school personnel for example, teachers’ absentees, missing approach of professionalism, depletion in teaching quality, to strengthen the performance, competence of educators and to boost the quality of public schools. The main consideration of this study is just a supervision, which is acknowledged as an administrative tool of assessment and accountability use to sustain and uplift the performance of teachers in school. The core objective of this study is “to analyze the impact of supervision and visit report on teachers’ efficiency”. Simple random sampling technique was used in selecting 371 teachers of secondary schools from tehsil Bahawalpur. The scholar gathered teachers’ feedback about “the impact of supervision and visit report” on a self-designed questionnaire, of five points Likert scale. Meanwhile teachers’ responses were also gathered by inducing two open ended questions about strength and weaknesses of supervision. The reliability of the research tool was 0.915, which was measured by using Cronbach alpha. The mean scores and measures of dispersion were calculated using SPSS, version 17. The independent sample t-test and One-way ANOVA was applied to analyze the data. According to findings supervision can help teachers to develop professionalism. The teaching style can be improved if supervisor uses the technique of motivation while there may be create certain questions/issues on visit report and supervision if used non-professionally.

Keywords: supervision, visit report, accountability, quality