Pedagogical Techniques Used by ELT Teachers to Develop Reading Skills at Secondary Level

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Pedagogical Techniques Used by ELT Teachers to Develop Reading Skills at Secondary Level

Author(s) : Ijaz Asghar , Shahid Abbas & Muhammad Ikram


The present study focuses on investigating pedagogical techniques in relation to developing reading skills at secondary level in the schools of Jaranwala. The researchers have selected the area of reading skills as it is esteemed as mother of all skills. As students learn to pronounce and use new words and the input increases, students can improve other related skills writing and speaking skills. The contextual use of words can evoke an image in the mind of the reader and pave the way for better understanding of the word usage and its definitions rather than mere factual information of a dictionary. The researchers have been teaching English for more than five years and observed that most of the students feel difficulty in reading even after being promoted to the secondary classes. In this vein, an investigation of the students’ failure or unable to read correctly at this stage is an interesting avenue which is relatively less explored. For that purpose, the researchers have formulated a questionnaire to collect data from the language learners. The analysis of the collected data has been carried out by using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) in terms of representation of table of mean, median, mode and standard deviation. The results show that teachers should revise their teaching techniques to improve the reading skills of the students. The present study is significant as it recommends the language teachers to enhance their teaching methodology in the diverse field of ELT.

Keywords: Pedagogical techniques, Reading skills, ELT, Teaching methodologies