Interplay of Teachers’ Reading Habits with Their Performance

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Interplay of Teachers’ Reading Habits with Their Performance

Author(s) : Muhammad Tahir Khan, Muhammad Anis-ul-Hasnain & Abdul Waheed


The study at hand was conducted to determine the relationship of teachers’ reading habits with their performance at secondary schools in Punjab, Pakistan. Multi-stage random sampling technique was applied to conduct the study. Three districts of the Punjab province namely Okara, Sahiwal and Pakpattan were randomly selected. Total selected sample was 248 (N= 288 including 128 Male and 120 Female) Secondary School Teachers. The study was survey in nature. Researchers used two questionnaires viz., Reading Habits Inventory for Secondary Schools Teachers (RHI-SSTs) and Teacher Performance Evaluation Scale (TPES). The questionnaires were developed and piloted by the researchers before administration. Alpha Reliability of RHI-SSTs was 0.81 and of TPES was 0.87. Pearson (r) and t-test was applied for data analysis.Significant and positive relationship between teachers’ reading habits and their class performance was found. Reading motivation is a significant predictor in teachers’ performance.

Key words: Reading Habits, Teachers’ Performance, Secondary Schools