Pedagogy: A Comparative Study of Western and Islamic Stance Thereof

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Pedagogy: A Comparative Study of Western and Islamic Stance Thereof

Author(s) : Ghulam Sarwar Butt , Muhammad Naveed Khalid & Farah Shafiq


This article primarily deals with the major characteristics and attributes of Western and Islamic pedagogical systems and the prominent differences thereof regarding the main five components of pedagogy i.e. pedagogical objectives, pedagogical principles, pedagogical management, pedagogical methods, pedagogical assessment. Islam being the last message of Allah Almighty towards humanity has its own particular system of pedagogy variously illustrated in the pages of the Glorious Quran and the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Owing to its peculiar and sui generis system, Islam occupies a distinguished place in the compendium of the educational systems of the world. In this way, it stands diametrically different from its counterpart in its objectives, principles and assessments etc. Similarly, both the pedagogical systems differ in pedagogic methods and management tools, too. Hence, this paper endeavoured to compare and contrast Islamic and Western pedagogical systems by keeping in view the above mentioned pentad differences in particular an; hence showing the cause of preferment of one pedagogical system to the other.

Key Words: Allah Almighty, Pedagogy, Islamic, Western, Quran, Hadith.