Teaching Spoken English in Pakistan: Issues and Options

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Teaching Spoken English in Pakistan: Issues and Options

Author(s) : M. Nadeem Anwar, M. Ihsan, Zafar Hayat, M. Pevez


Command in spoken English is need for learners of English in Pakistan. The opportunities to learn spoken English through the government educational system is limited hence a large number of students take language courses in private institutions to enhance their spoken English. This paper reports the investigation of how the English language instructors in different institutions address the various issues regarding teaching spoken in Pakistan. The data were collected from 80 English language instructors through survey from public as well as private institutions. The questionnaire was used as a tool to collect the information regarding the issues in teaching spoken English. Results revealed the poor understanding of spoken communication among learners which is reflected in speaking courses that don't address key parts of formal as well as informal communication. The study recommends a review of the difference between communication and conversation as the assumption for defining spoken English. It also suggests the provision of standard learning activities and opportunities to augment the teaching and learning practices of spoken English in Pakistan.

Keywords: spoken English; English in Pakistan; Teaching speaking; Training speaking teachers