Development and Validation of Social Tolerance Scale

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Development and Validation of Social Tolerance Scale

Author(s) : Shaista Khalid & Nasir Mehmood


This research developed a new social tolerance scale in Urdu language, embedded in the context of Pakistan. Tolerance is the acceptance and respect of rights of others and is an essential element for the peace and coherence in a society. Unfortunately, Pakistan is facing lack of social tolerance. In this condition it becomes the need of hour to investigate the phenomenon of tolerance. The present study was planned to fulfill this need by developing a research instrument for the purpose. Extracted from review of related literature, six sub factors of tolerance i.e. gender, ethnicity, religions, religious sects, disability and caste were selected for the study. Using convenience sampling, data were collected from eleven schools using. The  Sample (n=813), comprised of 742 secondary grade students and their 71teachers The scale was validated through expert opinion and by applying exploratory factor analysis (EFA).The factors were extracted on the basis of Principal components. The rotation method used was varimax with Kaiser Normalization. The overall reliability of Likert-type scale with seventy seven statements is 0.85. The findings suggest that the developed tolerance scale is valid and reliable.

Keywords: Tolerance, Sources of intolerance, Measurement