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    The study was aimed at exploring the reasons for the parents’ preference regarding selection of private or government schools for the education of their children. The study was delimited to the parents of Sargodha district whose children were studying in either government or private schools. The sample of the study consisted of 183 parents selected through convenience sampling method. The data collected through a semi structured interview were analyzed by applying qualitative analysis method. The parameters of validation were taken under consideration while developing and finalizing the instrument. It was found that most of the parents select private schools for their children's education because of quality teaching, academic reputation of private schools and their convenient location. It is recommended for education officers concerned (Secretary schools, CEOs) to take practical steps to ensure the improvement of those areas (indicators) which attract the parents during selection of school for their children’s education. They may improve quality of teaching and learning and consequently results in government schools by ensuring the maximum utilization of available resources, application of all effective teaching methods and techniques by teachers during their teaching and focusing students' learning progress during their supervision.

    Keywords: parents' choice, school selection, children's education 

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    Hifzur-Rehman1 Mushtaq Ahmad2 Zubair Ahmad3