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Review Policy

JESAR follows the following procedure for peer review:

  • All the submissions are initially screened for suitability of publishing in JESAR.
  • Selected articles are sent to one local professional and one foreign professional for reviewing the articles.
  • Comments and suggestions by local and foreign reviewers are sent to author(s) for revising the manuscripts accordingly within specified time period.
  • Articles are rejected on the basis of reviewers’ comments, lacking originality, lacking interest of readers, scientific flaws and beyond the scope of JESAR.
  • Reviewing process may take longer time as it depends on reviewers’ reports.


Selection of Reviewers

            JESAR selects those reviewers who are qualified, experienced, expert and well known in their field. JESAR discouraged reviewers who are biased, non-serious and do not provide potential, constructive and specific feedback on articles sent to them. JESAR acquires consent by signing a consent letter from reviewers before sending them articles.

Originality of Manuscripts

            JESAR accepts and considers manuscripts having following characteristics:

  • Content of articles should be original material produced by author(s).
  • Article should not be submitted for publishing elsewhere or in any other journal.
  • Author(s) have to provide after signing an undertaking that material of the article is not copied from any source and material included in the article is the contribution of the author(s) and is being duly acknowledged.
  • For any type of plagiarism in the manuscripts, the author(s) will be considered the sole responsible.
  • Articles will be considered for publishing after filling and sending the originality and authorship certificates.
  • In case of any violation of policy rules, the managing editor reserves the rights to take legal actions accordingly.